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Appointment 1: Discovery

The first appointment is all about discovery and building rapport. Get to know your new clients and let them get to know you. They will only do business with people they like.

At this point, you aren't trying to steal them away from their current advisor. You want to simply offer a second opinion and then offer strategies that will compliment what they currently have in place. Once you build a foundation of trust, their other accounts, and possibly those of their friends and family members, will follow.



It's not an interview. It is a dialogue between you and the client to encourage them to share information and feel comfortable in doing so. Instead of handing them a fact finder, rather use the fact finder as a guideline for the questions that need to be answered, and ask them in an approachable and delicate manner.

Put them at ease, so they will trust you and want to work with you. Be sure to listen. When you ask the questions, avoid sounding too intrusive. Asking about their hobbies, goals, children and grandchildren is a great way to help break the ice while still uncovering important details that will help you design an enticing proposal for them that satisfies their needs and helps them achieve their goals.



Always schedule their next appointment while they are still in your office. Even if you have to put a tentative time down, it is always easier to get them to commit to a second meeting in person rather than having to chase them down afterwards.



Securing the second appointment depends entirely on how you ask for it.

If you have done a good job at remaining approachable and focusing on gaining their trust, they should be open to meeting with you again to see customized designs.

At the end of the appointment, refer to their goals they have provided on the fact finder and say, "If I could show you something that would provide you [GOAL1, GOAL2, and GOAL3], would you be willing to meet again so I can explain it to you?" Then, give specific options as to when they could come back.




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