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Appointment 2: Strategize

This is where things get interesting.

After submitting the completed fact-finder to UFC, you will have a cash flow analysis, full proposal, and a branded online presentation to use in your 2nd appointment. Your dedicated UFC representative is happy to go through the materials with you before your appointment, or even assist via webinar if you find it necessary, ensuring you feel as comfortable and confident as possible with the design and presentation.



Present cash flow analysis to the client to help them understand their optimized distribution schedule. This thorough report will show them how without adding or removing any investments, you can help them make sure they organize their current plan as strategically as possible. The report will also include explanation on how adding an IUL to their plan, funded simply by re-positioning current assets, can add tax-free income to their retirement over and above what they already had planned. This extra income can be used for funding a child or grandchild's college tuition, their own long term care plan, or that boat they always wanted!



After discussing with your client the impact of re-positioning their assets and the initial plan designed to help them achieve the goals you had previously discussed, additional adjustments may need to be made. As you uncover gaps and areas of opportunity within their current plan, bring your notes back to your dedicated internal wholesaler for guidance on how to adjust the plan to meet exactly what your client has in mind.



Always use your branded Sales Track.

This fully branded online presentation will keep you on track and confident when discussing the main points and benefits of their options and will help in answering any objection that may come your way.


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