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Critical Information for the Service Staff

This is more important than you may think. The flow of the event is a reflection of how you do business - so you need this to make a good impression.


The ideal set up is 4-6 guests at a crescent table. This will ensure no guest has their back turned to the presentation screen. Some agents have found it helpful to set an extra chair at the table, in front of or to the side of the table if there is room, to use when setting the appointments.



It is important to make contact with the host to be sure they are aware of the event, your company name, and where to direct guests as they arrive.

Also, but sure they know to hold guests until 15 minutes before your event starts. This way, you don't have a couple awkwardly sitting in the room while you finish setting up if they decide to show up 30 minutes early.

Get a clear understanding of how you and the staff expect the night to flow. Make sure the service staff understands they can offer the attendees one glass of wine after they are seated, provide water, and take their dinner order. Bread and "family style" appetizers are to be brought to the table as guests are arriving.



After the guests place their order, have the servers immediately bring out their salad. By the time you are ready to start, most guests would have finished and their plates can be cleared away. Now, they have some food in their stomachs that will help keep them focused on what you have to say in the presentation.

Be sure to ask the servers how long of a heads up they will need to plate the food, and alert them appropriately. Typically, this is about 15 minutes. Once the presentation begins, the doors should be shut and service is to stop. This minimizes distraction so you can keep the attention of the guests as much as possible.



  • Plenty of pens

  • Handouts/Feedback Cards to collect attendee info (template provided by UFC)

  • Business Cards or Appointment Reminder Cards

  • Check-in Sheet

  • Laptop with Presentation

  • Back-Up USB with Presentation

  • HDMI/Adaptor Cord (in case restaurant cannot accommodate)

  • Printed or Digital Calendar



Ask your servers to play upbeat music in the background while guests arrive. This will make your audience more comfortable and help break the ice! Make sure the server knows to turn the music off once the presentation starts to minimize any distractions.


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