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The Technique

How to get at least 80% appointments, 100% of the time.

This is what it all comes down to...Right? Wrong! This is just the start. Remember, the attendees showed up because they fit a targeted profile and are qualified for the strategies to be discussed.

Sure, you may have some that show up and seem more to have found the invitation that fell off the mail truck, but for the most part - they are there for a reason. Don't be intimidated. You have the information they want and need to hear. Our statistics prove they will set an appointment.

At the end of the presentation, the presenter should introduce the appointment setter. The appointment setter then picks the lucky first table. Ask how they enjoyed the presentation as you collect their completed handout cards. See what they marked off, and reaffirm that there is more information on the topic when they come in for their one-on-one appointment.



Instead of asking when they are available, give them more of a specific option.

For example, "Are Tuesdays or Thursdays better for you?" [Thursday]. "Great. Morning or afternoon?" [Afternoon]. "How about 2pm?"

Once you confirm, write their slot on your calendar and also on your business card. Hand the business card back to the client and let them know you will be calling them tomorrow to confirm. Thank them for coming and tell them to enjoy their meal. Then, on to the next.



This is an opportunity to start building rapport. Remember, they will do business with you, but they have to like you and your team first. Thank them for attending, confirm their appointment time, and let them know you will follow up with an email with directions to your office. Make sure they understand the appointment is complimentary and casual, just to get to know each other to see if you uncover a way you can help them (which, we know you will!).

If a question comes up about a topic discussed at the seminar, have your assistant simply say you (the agent) will gladly address their question in their appointment.

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